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We want as many people as possible to learn about every corner of our homeland. As this is our home, and we are proud of it and love it with all our heart.
Through the stories of the characters we decided to show how interesting and diverse Kazakhstan is, and how beautiful our native language is.
Here you can find the digital version of all five phrasebooks. Download them for yourself and share with your loved ones!
John flew from America to Kazakhstan to experience the culture of the country.

He meets the citizens and visitors of Astana and plans his journey throughout Kazakhstan in conversation with them.

Download the phrasebook and join John's fascinating journey.
Fashion designer Zhanna travels
to southern Kazakhstan to find inspiration for a new ethnic style collection.

Download the phrasebook and take
a tour of historical sites with Zhanna.
Beka, a travel blogger from Karaganda, decided to make a video about Borovoe for his subscribers.

He wants to inspire his viewers to travel around Kazakhstan.

Download the phrasebook and embark on a journey with Beka.
Alibek and Bibigul haven’t visited Almaty in a long time.

30 years later, they come to the southern capital and are surprised at how everything has changed.

Download the phrasebook and explore Almaty with Alibek and Bibigul.
Diana works for an IT company and develops games.

She is headed to the west of Kazakhstan
to relax and visit her best friend.

Download the phrasebook and accompany Diana on her journey.